Is Marriage just a fad?

19 Nov

Is marriage a trend that’s fading?

     This morning as I was driving I was listening to a radio talk show. The hosts of the show were reading off fun facts for the listener’s enjoyment. They threw out a percentage of  people who said marriage was fizzling out because they believed that couples could raise their children just as easily without being married.

     There were three individuals leading the conversation on this particular show, one being a newly engaged woman. The man reading the facts laughed and turned to the woman commenting to her something like, “You’re always behind the times, doing things when they’re going out of style.”

     My heart sank at hearing those words. And my thought is…When did marriage become a fad? What happened to the sacredness of it all?

-Leslie RamseyJUST a Trend?

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” -Edmund Burke